Fractal to speak at RBI 2020's virtual conference

RBI 2020 EU

We are excited to join this year's RBI 2020 EU conference to discuss API strategies

UPDATE - 25th March 2020: Link to the panel can be found here.

Nicholas Heller, Fractal CEO and co-founder: "Where I think data becomes more interesting is when you use it for credit risk modelling and the analysis on top of the data. The other element that we're really at the cusp of - our Payments API. If you take a user-focused approach, businesses suffer from late payments, costing the UK economy £2.5billion. What we're starting to see is interesting commercial models using payments API to address an SME's needs."

Due to the extraordinary times we are living in, we are delighted at RBI's decision to turn it into a virtual conference to protect the community, and in turn the population. 

This year's topic on 'Developing an API strategy' is one close to our hearts here at Fractal. We believe it is the best strategy forward to help financial institutions better support their small business customers, and give them the products and services they want and need. 

The brilliant panel will consist of:

  • Nicholas Heller, CEO and co-founder, Fractal Labs
  • Marco Tedone, Chief Architect IT, HSBC
  • Chris Michael, Head of Technology, Open Banking Implementation Entity

We're excited to record our discussion, and for everyone to see it on Wednesday 25th March at 2pm.

For more information, you can visit RBI's website.

Although it is difficult at present, we are looking at how the Fractal platform can immediately support financial institutions and small businesses, and in turn, the future state of the economy in the UK and beyond. If you have ideas on how we can help with this, or want to speak to us, you can contact us here.