The Deloitte fintech webinar featuring Fractal

Deloitte webinar

Deloitte has always been one of our biggest supporters, and they continue to lead the way in investing and nurturing disruptive fintechs changing the financial landscape for the better. 

That's why we were thrilled to participate in Deloitte's webinar to discuss the current environment fintechs work in today, and the essential technology trends we will see over the coming months. 

The panel includes Head of Fintech at Deloitte - Louise Brett, Head of Partnerships at FreeAgent - Matt Perkins, Director of Platform Business at Xero - Edward Berks, and Senior Product Manager at Fractal - Yas Rostom. 

Yas Rostom commented: "Right now, fintech is impacting all industries. Last year, there was research done on the mobile payments space, and they found that Starbucks is doing more payments than any other payment provider, whether that's Apple Pay or Google Pay. The reasoning is that all businesses want to control the money going in and out of their accounts. Everyone currently sees fintech as an industry that is solely attached to the financial services industry. What we're going to see is a shift were fintech will become embedded into every type of business".

You can watch more insights from the panel in the video below.