Codifying The Brains of CFOs Into One Unifying App


Today is a significant day for the team at Fractal Labs

We are publicly launching the beta version of our product — the CFOapp!

This is the first milestone in our journey to codify the brains of Chief-Financial-Officers (CFO) into one unifying application. We believe in using our financial and technological expertise to empower Small-Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a financial toolkit, historically only accessible to larger businesses.

Understanding the financial health of a company and managing its cash flow is fundamental to business success. Yet, despite this fact, most people launch a new venture to pursue their passion, not with the intention of becoming financial experts.

That’s why we created the CFOapp. We want to make finance simple and accessible for business owners, supporting them on their entrepreneurial journey towards financial freedom.

The CFOapp is the culmination of years of experience; as entrepreneurs, technologists, advisors and financial investors. Every member of the founding team has experienced the challenges associated with operating a business and the frustration of managing its finances. The tedious, time consuming and critical process of managing cash, and capital requirements.

Advancements in science and technology have allowed us to automate parts of the financial function, giving business managers more time to do what they do best — focus on their passion.

Say goodbye to manually managing spreadsheets. Welcome to the automated financial assistant—the CFOapp.

We’re thrilled to share this moment with you, and look forward to growing with our customers.